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Student Guide

(Curriculum Vitae)

A CV is a document used when applying for a job. It allows you to summarize your education, skills, and experience, which allows you to sell your abilities to potential employers.
Below are websites for creating resumes and some examples that will help you create a good one.

Best Websites

Curated some of the top websites available today that you may utilize in a number of situations.

Administration papers

Documents that will assist you in conducting a proper request or filing an appeal in a professional manner.

Job Websites

Many young graduates do not have the information they need to know where to find job offers. We have gathered the best sites for this purpose.

PowerPoint Templates

A successful presentation needs a great PowerPoint. Here you will find the best ppt templates from top websites to shape your presentation.

Design Tools

Get access to free high-quality design materials and resources that are perfect for any project. So go ahead and give it a try - you won't regret it!

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