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CNS/ATM stands for Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management, employing digital technologies, including satellite systems together with various levels of automation, applied in support of a seamless global air traffic management system.


The air traffic management component of CNS/ATM involves the use of advanced technologies to manage and optimize air traffic flow, reduce congestion, and enhance safety. This includes the use of advanced software systems for flight planning and scheduling, as well as collaborative decision-making tools that allow air traffic control centers to work together to manage complex airspace configurations.

The scope of CNS/ATM not only encompasses the ground based surveillance and support systems, but also electronic systems installed on all Aerospace Vehicles, be it aircraft or spacecraft.


To develop a seamless, globally co-ordinated system of air navigation services that will cope with world-wide growth in air traffic demand while: 

  • improving upon the present levels of safety; 

  • improving upon the present levels of regularity; 

  • improving upon the over-all efficiency of airspace and airport operations, leading to increased capacity; 

  • increasing the availability of user-preferred flight schedules and profiles; 

  • minimizing differing equipment carriage requirements between regions.

This Program provides training in the various satellite technologies applicable to Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) problems. They are examined from the perspective of Air Traffic Management (ATM). 

This course brings together, the scientific and technical bases necessary for the integration of graduates in the industries of the aeronautics and space sector both in Algeria and abroad.

Core Modules:
  • Air Navigation

  • Radio Navigation

  • Signal Processing

  • Microprocessor

  • Electronics

  • Digital Electronics

  • Commuication

  • Antenna

  • Radar

  • Radar signal processing

  • Inertial Navigation

  • Satellite 

  • Satellite signal processing


  • C++



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